Design and music, music and design, designing with music, designing for music. Among the great diversity of elements that justify the identity of a festival, I have highlighted the design of the Guimarães Jazz newspaper.

This program was published for the 30th edition of the Guimarães Jazz Festival held in Centro Cultural Vila Flor in Guimarães. It was fully dedicated to the celebration of 30 years of festival. Number 30 was sectioned and applied to a cylindrical shape. Our intention was to invoke a typographic cylinder such as those used in newspaper printing presses. It is also a desire to express the passage of time and, in this way, to make an analogy with a festival that is already an institution on the European jazz scene. A jazz concert has a dose of risk associated with it. It’s live and there’s improvisation, you experiment with the unknown. It was this spontaneous and activist side of jazz that made us adopt a tabloid format. Almost as if what jazz communicates were news for the whole world to listen. Typographically, we tried to establish a dialogue between what is conventional in a newspaper and an expressive language which is proper to jazz, with only two colours. 

Designed at Studio Dobra in 2021