Matriz45 presented a fantastic opportunity for collaboration with friends—a project conceived in celebration of Navarra’s 45th anniversary, an aluminum extrusion company, at the crossroads of art and industry.

Curated by Guilherme Braga da Cruz at Navarra’s invitation, the project challenged Farh 021.3 to craft a commemorative piece. Embracing their architectural tradition, the Farh team immersed themselves in on-site research, dedicating hours to comprehend the intricacies of various processes within the extrusion industry. The resulting artistic piece aimed to explore what Navarra sought to avoid in its 45 years: error. In line with this concept, my contribution to the accompanying book centered on the Fahr team’s research, study, and construction process. The drawing, with an organic presence symbolizing error and human engagement, entered into a dialogue of forces with aluminum. Serving as a container, it encapsulated the essence of the project and the unique collaboration between art and industry.

Many thanks to my friends Hugo and Filipa at Fahr 021.3 as well as my old Erasmus buddy Guilherme Braga da Cruz. So nice to finally work together!

Typeface: ABCDiatype and ABCDiatype Rounded Mono

Printed at Orgal, Porto


Photos by Filipe Braga