Pedro Lobo’s book, a visual journey documenting the Rolling Stones’ 1979 charity concert in Oshawa, Toronto. This unique event, born from Keith Richards’ legal challenges, became a pivotal moment in rock history.

Keith’s Redemption

Faced with drug-related charges in Canada, Keith Richards orchestrated the band’s return for a free charity show. The result? Absolution and a legendary performance.

Pedro Lobo’s Lens

In “RS79 Toronto” Lobo’s lens immortalizes the night’s energy, the crowd’s passion, and the Stones’ raw performance. It’s an unexpected visual testament to unity, redemption, and the universal language of music.

“On April 22, 1979, in Toronto, I received an unexpected call from my friend Natalia. After three days of waiting in line to buy tickets for The Rolling Stones concert, both she and her boyfriend had a falling out, leaving her in need of company. Carrying my Canon F1 camera, I headed out without much concern for the ongoing emotional turmoil. That year, I had enrolled in a photography course and was regularly shooting concerts in Toronto’s bars, a time when the current restrictions didn’t apply. Armed with my camera, I would enter and capture shots of various acts like Don Cherry, Art Ensemble of Chicago, John Lurie, and more. On that night, thanks to Natalia’s boyfriend, I had the opportunity to capture a concert that would become a part of the history of one of the most significant rock ‘n’ roll bands ever.”

Pedro Lobo